Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

What is it ?

Affiliate Marketing is a conduct-based marketing in which an online dealer pays commission to an external website for produced sales through their referrals. It is a way in which an organization comes and works in collaboration with another organization and promotes their brand for which they are paid by that organization for which they are doing promotion. It also includes cost per action and revenue sharing. It is a very friendly way to cover a wider part of marketing with fewer efforts.

Benefits for the publisher

  • There is no talk of an investment
  • Little to no operating costs
  • Making money 24/7
  • A global marketplace at one's feet
  • Little risk involved
  • No need for a warehouse

Benefits for the advertiser

  • Performance based marketing
  • Low Entry Price
  • Making money 24/7
  • Extra Traffic/exposure
  • Increase of SEO ranking
  • Low operational costs