Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics ?

Web analytics is one of the main expressions of digital marketing. It helps you to know the source for your websites traffic, their behavior, and Webpages performance and helps to track and measure return on investment of marketing campaigns resulting in spark.


Google analytics is a service offered by Google to track and report website rush. Google Analytics is integrated with Ad words where user can review online campaigns by tracking landing pages quality and goals, which include lead generation, downloading files or viewing a specific page.


Google Analytics process is quite chaotic, comprising of several steps known to very few people worldwide, designed keeping in mind each aspect of practical training.


Google analytics helps to increase the chances for your site to be toggled most of the time as it increases the visibility on search engines like Google. Increased Visibility helps you to get more and more clients as it is being mostly visited, resulting in boosted sales and profit.

You will be capable to

Set Up:

After gaining knowledge about Google analytics, you will be able to promote your website, gain high ranking and sales and achieve your set goals.


Read, understand and grab the best out of the available information. You will be able to search out your followers and consumers who are interested working with you and from where the traffic is increasing rapidly along with regularly examining the performance of your website.


Thereafter analyzing the matter, you will be capable enough for figuring out the key areas that needs revision and amendments and take corrective measures to rectify those problems to have a hike in point of sales.