Website Creation

Website Planning and Creations

What is it?

A website is a collection of attractive and interactive web pages assisted from a single web slot or domain. The first step towards gaining an online presence is having a website. A website is must for doing online branding. A web page is what we see on the screen when you type in a URL, tap on a link, or find it through a search engine. You are actually whipping your business if you do not have an online presence because these days the world of marketing is completely based on digital marketing.


A website is a cluster of web pages. It is a user interface or front view to your business, available for your prospect customers unceasingly. An interested person can go through or have a glimpse of your website 24*7. All the information is available at a glance.


Website planning and creation begin with the understanding of the fundamentals of internet, other designing and developing skills and techniques. In addition to this, the knowledge of other advanced frameworks of website planning and building on Word press is must.


Clients are our lawful customers. They interact with us on regular or irregular basis for purchasing our products or services. Having a website gives you an opportunity to be benefited with more and more clients that can help our business grow. Advertising and promoting business through online mediums like website is a very low cost and reasonable way rather than offline like printed media, radio, television etc. Sometimes it is also free of cost but yields better results and require less efforts as well as work force.


Plan is the segregation of the number of pages, primary and secondary keywords, and a complete framework on how websites are designed and developed.


An eye-catching website/webpage is like a masterpiece. You will be able to design your website on your own by learning this module.


Designing will finish the 50% of the work. As the designing part is finished, comes the developing part, which involves the usage of word press, a readymade platform with predefined themes without coding.