Watch out: Islamic fanatics disrupt Maldives Yoga Day event

At 0630 hours, a mob stormed the stadium, threatening Yoga and meditation practitioners if they continued to practise.

On June 21, irate Islamic radicals disrupted the International Yoga Day event at the Maldives national football stadium in Male, forcing attendees to leave immediately.

At 0630 hours, a mob stormed the stadium, threatening Yoga and meditation practitioners if they continued to practise.

Credits : BNNMV

It should be reminded that the entire world community celebrates Yoga Day for a healthy life on June 21. The United Nations recognised and declared in 2014 that June 21 will be designated as International Day of Yoga. The Maldives was one of 177 countries who voted in favour of co-sponsoring the UN resolution commemorating the day.

To disperse the protests, local police resorted to fire tear gas into the field. If they continued to possess it, the radical elements had already threatened such action.

Due to rising public outcry, the City Council was forced to decline the request to organise the Yoga Day celebration at Rasfannu artificial beach. According to accounts, yoga meditation is a hotly debated topic among Islamic academics, with opposing views.

“Some researchers believe that yoga meditation is similar to sun worship. Yoga meditation is a contentious issue among Islamic academics, with contradictory views “According to a Twitter user.

The Maldives government promises action.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldives promised an investigation into the incident at the Stadium.

“The Maldives Police have initiated an investigation into the incident that occurred this morning at Galolhu stadium. This is being considered as a severe situation, and those involved will be brought before the law as soon as possible “declared the President.

The possibility of an opposing hand cannot be ruled out.

The ‘India Out’ campaign was launched last year by opposition politicians led by former President and pro-China leader Abdulah Yameen, but it has gained support in recent months.

The campaign’s main goal is to keep India out of the Maldives at the request of China. The campaign has gained traction, particularly since the Maldives’ Supreme Court overturned Abdulla Yameen’s money-laundering conviction.

The next presidential election is scheduled for 2023.

The Chinese-backed scheme

The campaign also criticises the Solih government’s ‘India First’ policy, which has resulted in increased economic and defence ties with New Delhi. The opposition parties believe that New Delhi endangers Male’s sovereignty and interferes excessively in its internal issues.

Historically, India and the Maldives have had close ties, however the relationship was strained during Yameen’s reign from 2013 to 2018.

During Yameen’s administration, the archipelago nation became the second South Asian country, after Pakistan, to sign a Free Trade Agreement with China.

China had poured billions of dollars into significant infrastructure projects, including a $200 million, 2.1-kilometer bridge connecting two of the archipelago’s biggest islands. Experts fear that the Maldives has fallen into a “debt trap” as a result of Chinese loans.

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Caleb Swanigan, a Fort Wayne and Purdue basketball player, dies at age of 25.

(Fort Wayne, Indiana) — Caleb Swanigan, a former Homestead and Purdue standout who rose from homeless to NBA player, has died. He was 25.

Swanigan died of natural causes, according to the Allen County Coroner’s Office.

Swanigan, who was chosen in the first round by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2017, had not been in the NBA since late in the 2019-2020 season. He was named Indiana’s Mr. Basketball after leading Homestead to its first and only state championship in 2015. He then attended Purdue University before entering the NBA draught.

Swanigan, who was homeless as a youngster before being adopted, earned a diploma in Educational History from Purdue. He also assisted in the organisation of a homelessness fundraising and released songs in 2019.

Celeb Swanigan Playing for Homestead

After news of Swanigan’s death broke early Tuesday, many expressed their condolences on social media. Tuesday, the words “Swanigan” and “Biggie” were trending on Twitter.

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Who Is Matisse Thybulle Girlfriend Tulum?

See What It’s Like To Be An Aussie Pro Basketball Player

Matisse Thybulle is a player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. He is of Australian and American descent. 

He was selected in the first round with the 20th overall pick in the 2019 NBA draught. In 2021, he was selected to the NBA’s All-Defensive Second Team.

Matisse Thybulle, after completing the season in Philadelphia, travelled to Tokyo and earned a bronze medal with the Australian national team. 

The 24-year-old has had a very successful year and is expected to take another step forward in his third NBA season. 

He is also a significant figure off the court. Matisse was observed spending his offseason in Tulum with a new girlfriend.

Thybulle is a dual American-Australian citizen who spent around seven years of his boyhood in Sydney. He was a part of the Australian national squad in the Tokyo Summer Olympics of 2020.

Philadelphia 76ers: Who Is Matisse Thybulle Girlfriend Tulum? 

Tulum is the current girlfriend of Philadelphia 76ers player Matisse Thybulle, according to Awesemo.

Matisse has not yet confirmed and announced Tulum as his girlfriend.

Additionally, the forward has not posted any photos with Tulum on Instagram.

Tulum has not mentioned the basketball player on her Instagram either.

Because neither of them has disclosed their relationship publicly, we are unable to confirm anything at this time.

Meanwhile, you can discover Tulum on Instagram at @talsaharrr, with 2.8K followers.

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Can you add a pin to Instagram?

Since a few months ago, Instagram has tested a new feature that lets you pin posts to your profile. Today, that feature is finally live, giving you another way to control how your IG profile looks.

As seen in this example, you can now find the “Pin to Your Profile” option by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of any post.

This is what Instagram says:

One interesting thing about this is that you can pin both posts and Reels. This will give you a lot of creative options for how to make your Instagram profile look its best for people who come across it.

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Liz Cheney blasts Republicans for supporting Trump

‘There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain’

Liz Cheney, the politician of Wyoming, gave a stern warning to her party’s members on Thursday evening about their ongoing support for former President Donald Trump.

“I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain,” Cheney,the deputy head of the House select committee looking into the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, remarked during the panel’s first hearing.

Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow his election and remain in power will be laid bare in a series of hearings this month, Cheney warned Thursday.

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Pop superstar Ed Sheeran agrees one-year sponsorship deal..

Ed Sheeran has signed on as a shirt sponsor for Ipswich Town, but which other musicians have done the same?

Sheeran is from Framlingham, Suffolk, approximately 15 miles south of Ipswich, and has been observed often at Portman Road supporting the Tractor Boys in recent years.

“The club is a big part of the local community and this is my way of showing my support,” the 30-year-old told the Ipswich Town website.

When asked what the shirt’s logo represents, Sheeran said, “All will be revealed in time.”

On Instagram, the singer also uploaded a picture of his kid dressed in a vintage Ipswich jersey from 1997-99, which he took from his own personal family collection.

Town’s director of sales, Rosie Richardson, stated, “It’s a significant thing for the club, and I’m happy that we’re at this position.” “It’s something I’ve been working on with Ed and his staff for quite some time, and to finally be able to disclose it is a dream come true for everyone connected with the club. [The sponsorship arrangement] is worth a substantial money, and it will undoubtedly assist in the club’s operations.”

Some Town supporters reacted strongly to the club’s earlier arrangement with Magical Vegas, since they opposed a connection with a betting corporation.

Last year, it was revealed that Magical Vegas will no longer be featured on the club’s jerseys due to the company’s decision to donate its sponsorship to the Carers Trust charity, which took its place.

How much did ed sheeran pay to sponsor ipswich?

Even though Ipswich have had a terrible second season in the third tier, they have no chance of making the play-offs this year. The partnership with Sheeran is a step in the right direction and comes a month after an American-led group bought the club for £40 million.

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What is Raja Sankranti in Odisha? 2022

Raja is derived from Rajaswala, which means menstruation woman. Odisa has 13 festivals during the course of a year. Raja is one of Odisha’s most prominent celebrations. Unmarried girls put on new clothes, play games, and have a good time on this day. This is a three-day celebration dedicated to female empowerment. It takes place on Mithuna Sankranti, when the second day of the event marks the start of the Mithuna solar month, from which the rainy season begins.

This is one of Odisha’s most well-known celebrations dedicated to the menstrual cycle. The world’s only event dedicated to women and menstruation. During this period, the Vasumati goddess is claimed to have had her mensuration. Mother Earth is said to menstruate over these three days, and a ritual bath is held on the fourth day.

How many days we celebrate Raja in Odisha?

Raja is usually observed for three days. Pahili Raja is the name given to the first day of this three-day event, which is also the final day of the month Jestha (summers).

Why do people celebrate Raja Sankranti?

When we think about Raja, one of the first things that springs to mind is “Poda Pitha.” The scent and flavour of this specific pitha are so enticing that it is Lord Jagannath’s personal favourite, which he savours after each meal.

What is Swing festival?

raja sankranti images

Because of the numerous types of swings draped from tree branches on Raja Sankranti day, it’s also known as the “Swing Festival.” Swinging girls sing folk tunes while they play on the swings.

Which day of Raja is known as Raja Sankranti?

The first day of the event is Pahili Raja, the second is Raja Sankranti, and the third is Basi Raja (past Raja). Mithuna Sankranti is another name for Raja Sankranti, which means “proper king.”

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Hostinger Review: Is Hostinger good in India?

So in this article, we will share Hostinger review. Pros and Cons

This is a web host that I’ve had for close to two years now; there are some things that I love about Hostinger, and there are some things that I do not like at all about Hostinger.

I want to talk to you about both of those in this article. I have a lot of domains registered with Hostinger and have a couple of accounts with them; they are very reasonably priced.

Visiting the Hostinger site, you’re going to see their main hosting, which is shared hosting, and this is what you’re going to have with most web hosts as the cheapest option.

hostinger review

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Shared hosting is where you share a server with other people and share the resources on it, so it’s much cheaper. It starts as low as a 149 INR a month and renews for about 249 a month, and you can see it depending on the options you want to get, which are all listed.

Websites and everything you see are listed here, so this is just their shared web hosting. If you’re starting as a hobbyist and need a few websites built, nothing where you think you’re going to have an insane amount of traffic.

This would be the way to go now if you have something that maybe you want to build for your business, as I do 

hostinger prices 2022

Hostinger hosting plans india

I use this option here for cloud hosting because it’s much more reliable and faster, so you can see here the prices are just a little more, starting at 279 INR a month and renewing at about 499 INR a month.

Is Hostinger is good domain registrar for long term? 

What I did was I purchased this plan here in advance for about four years, so it did cost me a lot more, but I got a huge discount. But I have a lot of resources that I can use, pretty much like many websites I want to build. It does come with one free SSL and a free domain name, and this is one thing that I want to talk to you about a couple of things that I do not like at all, but when you first purchase any one of these packages, you will get these.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

How do I add an addon domain to Hostinger?

Adding a new domain is as easy as opening your cPanel account and clicking on Addon domains section.

logged into my account and click on  the store. You can see registered new domain names, and they’re pretty reasonably priced compared to most web hosts with Hostinger.

Domain price hostinger?

domain price hostinger

You can buy a .com domain @499INR+tax. So that’s not bad at all, so if you want to keep your hosting and your domain names together, you can do that now if we go on over Cloudflare protection.

Is cPanel is Free? Hostinger

This is something that most web hosts that offer cPanel free you can sync it up, but with Hostinger, it will cost you a one-time fee.

If you have a lot of websites, you’re going to be paying out a lot of extra money. 

I have around 10 domains on my accounts, and it costs me 499INR+tax, but when you compare it to other web hosts that do it for Free now and with daily backup.

Many web hosts will offer this Free depending on your package, but you can see it’s about a 499-899 INR a year. This is just an extra charge that they shouldn’t have to, and then you can get additional shared hosting google vouchers to support, and then the one thing that gets me the most is SSL certificate activation. 

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Is SSL free in Hostinger?

So SSL certificates are something you should have installed on your websites. Most web hosting companies will do this for free for you well, not really for you, but you can activate it within your Hostinger account for free. 

Hostinger complaints

It goes through a service called let’s encrypt, which is free. Still, with Hostinger, they charge you per domain of 11.95$, and this is one reason I’ve been using another web host instead of Hostinger because this burns me up to think that I have to pay extra money to install something that should be free.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Is Cloudflare is Free? @hostinger

When you add that on top of the Cloudflare protection, which should also be free, you know you’re looking at 22 to 23 extra dollars per domain that you register on Hostinger that you have to pay, and you shouldn’t have to, and so those are my biggest things with Hostinger now 

Other than that, if you don’t have a lot of domains, maybe you’re only going to build one or two websites. This would be perfect for you for the simple fact that with most of the hosting plans they offer, they come with a free domain name, so you’re going to save ten dollars, and they come with a Free SSL certificate which is going to save you another like twelve dollars Cloudflare protection is optional I usually install it. 

It just makes your website more secure. It just makes your website more secure. so overall, that’s my take on Hostinger 

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

That’s why I like it; that’s why I’m not too fond of it. They have their control panel, whereas most other websites have cPanel.

You can see over here all the details about your hosting plan. You have your name servers listed here, which is great, so if you buy your domain name at a different website, all you have to do is copy these name servers, paste them in there, and redirect them to your hosting account.

c penal image

So that’s easy, but the layout here is similar to most hosting providers, but it’s a little different.

It is much easier to find what you’re looking for, so if I scroll down, you’re going to see that you have most of the things you would normally have. You have where you can access your email and the subdomains you can add. 

More, you can do a redirect, where you can set up your Cloudflare.

hostinger auto installer image

If you’ve purchased it, you have your auto-installer option where you can install it if you’re familiar with cPanel. 

This is like where you can install a lot of different software tools. Here you can import websites and migrate them, and then these are just extra things you do not need.

They have their file manager and beta, which is not that different from the original file manager, except it looks slightly different. So I’m not sure what the benefit of this is yet. You can create your accounts. You have access to your databases and your PhpMyAdmin.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

You have your zone editors PHP configuration where you can control all that. This is where you can install SSL Certificates.

You got a cache manager that you can clear out and then scroll down where you can password protect directories and do a few other things.

Inside of the control panel of Hostinger Overall, I love them for hosting; I think it’s a great host.

I think that they’re very reliable, and they’re always uptime.

Any questions or comments, leave them below, and I will get back to them as soon as possible. Thank you.

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SEO Secrets that Actually Work: This blog contains detailed information about top secrets of SEO.

seo secrets

The purpose of an SEO blog .

With the right keywords, your blog can be a powerful tool for attracting clients and building up a profitable online presence.

It’s important to understand the purpose of an SEO blog and how it fits into the bigger picture of your website’s structure.

An SEO blog is designed to improve your keyword rankings and drive traffic to your site by providing readers with valuable content that they can easily find and share with others. This will help you establish authority in your niche while also generating leads for future business opportunities.

For example, let’s say someone searches “best restaurants in New York City”. A good SEO strategy would include creating content around this topic that answers questions like “What are some of my favorite meals?” or “How do I find great restaurants near me?”

Your blog should be informative, not promotional: Don’t just write about yourself or your services; instead, focus on topics that will educate the reader about something related to their search query (like “How do I get from point A to point B?”).

Your goal is to not only provide relevant content but add value as well. If all goes well, someone might share what they’ve learned with someone else who might benefit from reading it!

What is the perfect blog length?

What you need to understand is that the length of your blog post isn’t as important as some people believe. Instead, the key to improving your search rankings is making sure your article contains relevant keywords, is high quality, and has an appropriate structure.

Let’s say you have a high-quality post on the topic “How to write the perfect blog post”.

Your post may only be 500 words in length but if it answers all your readers’ questions and provides all the detailed insights into the topic, Google will still rank it highly because of its value.

How to write a great blog for your audience?

  • Focus on your target audience. When writing a blog for an SEO purpose, you should always keep in mind that your blog is not for search engines but for human readers. So, write a simple and straightforward blog about the topic you are dealing with. This will make it easy for readers to understand what your blog is all about and encourage them to read more of it.
  • Be clear about your goals. Do not try to write a long article that contains no useful information at all. Make sure that each paragraph starts with a point and ends after making its point clear. Try to write short paragraphs with one main idea only so that people can easily get through it without skipping any important information.
  • Be clear about what you are offering. If you want people to visit your website, then make sure they know what they will find once they arrive there – provide links that lead directly to different pages within the same site or related sites if available. For example: if someone clicks on the “contact us” button from the homepage, give them contact details right away instead of asking them first which page they should go to before getting those details!

How long should your content be?

How long should your content be?

There are conflicting opinions on this topic. A lot of people will tell you to aim for 1,000 words. This is a good rule of thumb, but I don’t find that it’s always necessary.

There are many cases in which the content can be shorter and still provide value to the reader. In fact, there have been several times when I have tried to artificially extend my writing to 1,000 words when I felt like I had explained myself well enough in only 600 or 800 words.

Ultimately, it comes down to how much information you’re trying to pack into your article—and, of course, whether all of this information is necessary for your readers.

It’s okay if you need 2,000 or 3,000 words for an article about something incredibly complicated. But if it’s not complicated—if it’s simple and straightforward—try not to write more than you need just because someone else said that articles should be a certain length. You want your message to come across clearly and concisely so that people stay engaged and get something out of what they read.

How to prevent losing weight with your blogs?

Losing extra weight through blogging can be a difficult task to accomplish. Staying motivated and focused on your weight loss goals is critical to prevent weight gain. When you blog, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Avoid eating food that will cause you to gain weight. This includes foods that are high in fat and simple carbohydrates, such as pizza and white bread. Eating too much of these foods will make you feel tired, which will make it harder for you to accomplish your blogging tasks. Instead of eating these foods, try drinking water or having a cup of coffee instead of having a snack.
  • Maintain your motivation by keeping the goal in mind when working on your blog. Try writing down some benefits that you hope to accomplish from blogging before starting each day so that you’ll have something specific to work towards achieving!
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day so that they fill up more space in stomachs than empty calories do (which means less room for junk!) This also helps prevent overeating at meals because there’s less room left for unhealthy snacks like chips or cookies later on when hunger strikes again during those long hours spent writing away at the computer screen!

Finding a new way to produce blogs online

The next step is to discover if there’s an audience for that idea. You want to create a blog that has content people will want to read, but it always helps to know you have an audience before you invest too much time or money into the project. To do this, you’ll need to look at the Internet and see what kind of competition there is for your idea.

Blogging is a great way to generate traffic.

Blogging is a great way to generate traffic. According to research, websites that have a blog attract three times more traffic. It is also an excellent way to achieve higher search engine rankings. If you are regularly updating your site with valuable content, you will be positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

The key is to develop content that has the potential to rank well for long-tail keywords. You will want to identify these keywords by using tools like Google AdWords, Keyword Planner and SEMRush (for paid) or Ubersuggest (free).

Contact Sbs Digital for best seo services

Visit SBS Digital ( ). We are a team of young and creative people skilled in different fields helping Businesses grow . Our dedicated team will fully meet your business needs. We make sure you achieve all your goals as a business whether it is a new or old one. Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook at Sbs digital and get the best SEO services and rank higher in search engines.

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Why Should Your Company Attempt Digital Marketing? An Informative Blog About The Importance Of Digital Marketing

digital marketing agency
Online marketing

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

Digital marketing is important as it allows entrepreneurs to reach a wide audience and gain new customers with minimal time, effort, and costs. With online marketing, you can also reach more people in your target market than you could ever do with traditional advertising.

Digital marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising. There are no physical materials needed for digital marketing like there are for print or other means of advertising.

Digital marketing does not require any physical goods, which saves on supplies and the actual printing itself. Therefore, there are fewer items to be purchased when using digital media instead of print advertising methods such as billboards or newspapers ads. Digital media has also been shown to increase sales by up to 17% over traditional methods!

Digital Marketing is an incredibly important part of business in today’s world as it allows entrepreneurs to reach a much wider audience than they would have otherwise been able

The internet has become a vital part of everyone’s life and it is especially true for businesses. With the arrival of smartphones, desktops and tablets, the internet has become ubiquitous and all your customers are already online.

They log in to their favorite social networks multiple times a day and they use the internet to solve their problems. Digital marketing puts your business in front of those customers who are already searching for your products or services.

Digital marketing gives you access to tools that enable you to hone in on target audiences by gender, location and interest groups.

For example, you can create an ad campaign that only targets men aged between 21-30 who like football and live in Los Angeles with incomes above $50k a year. It’s virtually impossible with any other marketing medium to reach such a targeted audience at such low cost per click/view/impression/conversion as digital marketing does (depending on goals).

Digital Marketing = Increased Reach

importance of digital marketing

First of all, digital marketing has a wider reach than any other medium.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased reach and greater flexibility, allowing you to target specific audiences based on specific criteria such as demographics, geographics, psychographics etc.
  • provides measurable results in real time, enabling you to test and refine your strategy as needed. This is especially valuable for large-scale projects such as launching new products or services on the market.
  • It’s cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods like TV commercials or print ads (although these are still important). If done right it can even generate more revenue than what was invested in them over time.
  • improved conversion rates for those who take advantage of this medium correctly will be able to tap into an audience that may have never been reached before because with social media platforms like Facebook there are no geographical limitations to where content can travel from person-to-person; which means anyone anywhere could potentially see what someone posts on their page if they decide so!“`

As the world has moved on to the internet, people are spending more and more time online. They may be using it for their work or to shop online, or even for entertainment.

With so much time spent on the internet, this means that there is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to them.

Also, digital marketing allows you to track all of your results which is not possible with traditional marketing channels like TV commercials and radio ads etc where companies just have estimated figures based on surveys etc but they never know exactly how many customers were impacted by their campaigns..

Since there are so many benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods, most companies have started investing heavily into this area because they want their brand name out there too! It’s not just big brands that benefit from having an online presence – smaller ones can benefit just as much (if not more).

Measurable Results

One of the major benefits to online marketing is that you can easily measure the results of your campaigns. You can track the traffic, sales, and conversions that are generated by your campaigns. You can also easily adjust your strategies in order to increase your success rate. Measuring and adjusting is made possible by analytics tools like Google Analytics, which allows you to keep up with the results from various online marketing tactics and make changes as needed.

Contact Sbs Digital for best Digital marketing services

Now that you know the importance of digital marketing in today’s world.

The next challenge most companies face is to find the right digital marketing company for their business.

If you are also facing this issue, then no need to worry, because your search can end with Sbs Digital – one of the best internet marketing companies in India.

We strive hard to help our clients reach their target audience and generate more sales by achieving top rankings on Google.

We have a team of 100+ dedicated professionals who work hard to maintain client satisfaction level at its peak.

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