Hostinger Review: Is Hostinger good in India?

So in this article, we will share Hostinger review. Pros and Cons

This is a web host that I’ve had for close to two years now; there are some things that I love about Hostinger, and there are some things that I do not like at all about Hostinger.

I want to talk to you about both of those in this article. I have a lot of domains registered with Hostinger and have a couple of accounts with them; they are very reasonably priced.

Visiting the Hostinger site, you’re going to see their main hosting, which is shared hosting, and this is what you’re going to have with most web hosts as the cheapest option.

hostinger review

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Shared hosting is where you share a server with other people and share the resources on it, so it’s much cheaper. It starts as low as a 149 INR a month and renews for about 249 a month, and you can see it depending on the options you want to get, which are all listed.

Websites and everything you see are listed here, so this is just their shared web hosting. If you’re starting as a hobbyist and need a few websites built, nothing where you think you’re going to have an insane amount of traffic.

This would be the way to go now if you have something that maybe you want to build for your business, as I do 

hostinger prices 2022

Hostinger hosting plans india

I use this option here for cloud hosting because it’s much more reliable and faster, so you can see here the prices are just a little more, starting at 279 INR a month and renewing at about 499 INR a month.

Is Hostinger is good domain registrar for long term? 

What I did was I purchased this plan here in advance for about four years, so it did cost me a lot more, but I got a huge discount. But I have a lot of resources that I can use, pretty much like many websites I want to build. It does come with one free SSL and a free domain name, and this is one thing that I want to talk to you about a couple of things that I do not like at all, but when you first purchase any one of these packages, you will get these.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

How do I add an addon domain to Hostinger?

Adding a new domain is as easy as opening your cPanel account and clicking on Addon domains section.

logged into my account and click on  the store. You can see registered new domain names, and they’re pretty reasonably priced compared to most web hosts with Hostinger.

Domain price hostinger?

domain price hostinger

You can buy a .com domain @499INR+tax. So that’s not bad at all, so if you want to keep your hosting and your domain names together, you can do that now if we go on over Cloudflare protection.

Is cPanel is Free? Hostinger

This is something that most web hosts that offer cPanel free you can sync it up, but with Hostinger, it will cost you a one-time fee.

If you have a lot of websites, you’re going to be paying out a lot of extra money. 

I have around 10 domains on my accounts, and it costs me 499INR+tax, but when you compare it to other web hosts that do it for Free now and with daily backup.

Many web hosts will offer this Free depending on your package, but you can see it’s about a 499-899 INR a year. This is just an extra charge that they shouldn’t have to, and then you can get additional shared hosting google vouchers to support, and then the one thing that gets me the most is SSL certificate activation. 

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Is SSL free in Hostinger?

So SSL certificates are something you should have installed on your websites. Most web hosting companies will do this for free for you well, not really for you, but you can activate it within your Hostinger account for free. 

Hostinger complaints

It goes through a service called let’s encrypt, which is free. Still, with Hostinger, they charge you per domain of 11.95$, and this is one reason I’ve been using another web host instead of Hostinger because this burns me up to think that I have to pay extra money to install something that should be free.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

Is Cloudflare is Free? @hostinger

When you add that on top of the Cloudflare protection, which should also be free, you know you’re looking at 22 to 23 extra dollars per domain that you register on Hostinger that you have to pay, and you shouldn’t have to, and so those are my biggest things with Hostinger now 

Other than that, if you don’t have a lot of domains, maybe you’re only going to build one or two websites. This would be perfect for you for the simple fact that with most of the hosting plans they offer, they come with a free domain name, so you’re going to save ten dollars, and they come with a Free SSL certificate which is going to save you another like twelve dollars Cloudflare protection is optional I usually install it. 

It just makes your website more secure. It just makes your website more secure. so overall, that’s my take on Hostinger 

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

That’s why I like it; that’s why I’m not too fond of it. They have their control panel, whereas most other websites have cPanel.

You can see over here all the details about your hosting plan. You have your name servers listed here, which is great, so if you buy your domain name at a different website, all you have to do is copy these name servers, paste them in there, and redirect them to your hosting account.

c penal image

So that’s easy, but the layout here is similar to most hosting providers, but it’s a little different.

It is much easier to find what you’re looking for, so if I scroll down, you’re going to see that you have most of the things you would normally have. You have where you can access your email and the subdomains you can add. 

More, you can do a redirect, where you can set up your Cloudflare.

hostinger auto installer image

If you’ve purchased it, you have your auto-installer option where you can install it if you’re familiar with cPanel. 

This is like where you can install a lot of different software tools. Here you can import websites and migrate them, and then these are just extra things you do not need.

They have their file manager and beta, which is not that different from the original file manager, except it looks slightly different. So I’m not sure what the benefit of this is yet. You can create your accounts. You have access to your databases and your PhpMyAdmin.

Buy hosting and domain from Hostinger

You have your zone editors PHP configuration where you can control all that. This is where you can install SSL Certificates.

You got a cache manager that you can clear out and then scroll down where you can password protect directories and do a few other things.

Inside of the control panel of Hostinger Overall, I love them for hosting; I think it’s a great host.

I think that they’re very reliable, and they’re always uptime.

Any questions or comments, leave them below, and I will get back to them as soon as possible. Thank you.

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