What is Raja Sankranti in Odisha? 2022

Raja is derived from Rajaswala, which means menstruation woman. Odisa has 13 festivals during the course of a year. Raja is one of Odisha’s most prominent celebrations. Unmarried girls put on new clothes, play games, and have a good time on this day. This is a three-day celebration dedicated to female empowerment. It takes place on Mithuna Sankranti, when the second day of the event marks the start of the Mithuna solar month, from which the rainy season begins.

This is one of Odisha’s most well-known celebrations dedicated to the menstrual cycle. The world’s only event dedicated to women and menstruation.¬†During this period, the Vasumati goddess is claimed to have had her mensuration. Mother Earth is said to menstruate over these three days, and a ritual bath is held on the fourth day.

How many days we celebrate Raja in Odisha?

Raja is usually observed for three days. Pahili Raja is the name given to the first day of this three-day event, which is also the final day of the month Jestha (summers).

Why do people celebrate Raja Sankranti?

When we think about Raja, one of the first things that springs to mind is “Poda Pitha.” The scent and flavour of this specific pitha are so enticing that it is Lord Jagannath’s personal favourite, which he savours after each meal.

What is Swing festival?

raja sankranti images

Because of the numerous types of swings draped from tree branches on Raja Sankranti day, it’s also known as the “Swing Festival.” Swinging girls sing folk tunes while they play on the swings.

Which day of Raja is known as Raja Sankranti?

The first day of the event is Pahili Raja, the second is Raja Sankranti, and the third is Basi Raja (past Raja). Mithuna Sankranti is another name for Raja Sankranti, which means “proper king.”

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