Watch out: Islamic fanatics disrupt Maldives Yoga Day event

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At 0630 hours, a mob stormed the stadium, threatening Yoga and meditation practitioners if they continued to practise.

On June 21, irate Islamic radicals disrupted the International Yoga Day event at the Maldives national football stadium in Male, forcing attendees to leave immediately.

At 0630 hours, a mob stormed the stadium, threatening Yoga and meditation practitioners if they continued to practise.

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It should be reminded that the entire world community celebrates Yoga Day for a healthy life on June 21. The United Nations recognised and declared in 2014 that June 21 will be designated as International Day of Yoga. The Maldives was one of 177 countries who voted in favour of co-sponsoring the UN resolution commemorating the day.

To disperse the protests, local police resorted to fire tear gas into the field. If they continued to possess it, the radical elements had already threatened such action.

Due to rising public outcry, the City Council was forced to decline the request to organise the Yoga Day celebration at Rasfannu artificial beach. According to accounts, yoga meditation is a hotly debated topic among Islamic academics, with opposing views.

“Some researchers believe that yoga meditation is similar to sun worship. Yoga meditation is a contentious issue among Islamic academics, with contradictory views “According to a Twitter user.

The Maldives government promises action.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldives promised an investigation into the incident at the Stadium.

“The Maldives Police have initiated an investigation into the incident that occurred this morning at Galolhu stadium. This is being considered as a severe situation, and those involved will be brought before the law as soon as possible “declared the President.

The possibility of an opposing hand cannot be ruled out.

The ‘India Out’ campaign was launched last year by opposition politicians led by former President and pro-China leader Abdulah Yameen, but it has gained support in recent months.

The campaign’s main goal is to keep India out of the Maldives at the request of China. The campaign has gained traction, particularly since the Maldives’ Supreme Court overturned Abdulla Yameen’s money-laundering conviction.

The next presidential election is scheduled for 2023.

The Chinese-backed scheme

The campaign also criticises the Solih government’s ‘India First’ policy, which has resulted in increased economic and defence ties with New Delhi. The opposition parties believe that New Delhi endangers Male’s sovereignty and interferes excessively in its internal issues.

Historically, India and the Maldives have had close ties, however the relationship was strained during Yameen’s reign from 2013 to 2018.

During Yameen’s administration, the archipelago nation became the second South Asian country, after Pakistan, to sign a Free Trade Agreement with China.

China had poured billions of dollars into significant infrastructure projects, including a $200 million, 2.1-kilometer bridge connecting two of the archipelago’s biggest islands. Experts fear that the Maldives has fallen into a “debt trap” as a result of Chinese loans.

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